Stoll is a unique community providing support to some of our most vulnerable ex-Service men and women. Formerly known as the Sir Oswald Stoll Foundation, we were founded in 1916 to house disabled ex- Servicemen injured in World War I. We have evolved considerably since then and we now take Veterans with a wide variety of support needs, from those with disabilities and poor mental health resulting from their time in the Services, to those who have experienced homelessness and alcohol dependency since leaving the Forces. We offer a comprehensive package of support from tailored care including specially adapted accommodation for those with disabilities, to back-to-work and confidence building for those who have been homeless. By maintaining an innovative and creative approach, Stoll has continued to respond to the needs of Veterans to develop the well-respected services we offer today as we now offer an Outreach service to Veterans all over London, recognising the need for specialist support for other ex-Service personnel too.

ContactSecretary's Office
Address446 Fulham Road London
PostcodeSW6 1DT
Phone0207 385 2110
Fax0207 381 7484
The Foundation's tenants are disabled or vulnerable Veterans , including those who have been homeless. Applicants must have served in the Merchant Navy or Royal Navy or be a widow or widower of such a person. There is no time limit on how long they must have served.