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Case studies

• A retired Merchant Navy Officer contacted Seafarer Support seeking financial assistance towards buying a new bed. He had lost his life savings and was living in social housing with only a couple of chairs and a very old bed which his wife could not use due to medical issues leading her to sleep in a separate room on a settee. Seafarer Support put him in touch with an organisation that helped increase his weekly income enabling him to buy a new bed. This made a huge difference, allowing his wife and him to resume sleeping in the same bedroom. Another organisation was able to arrange for some paint to be donated to brighten up the décor.

• A befriending service in the Scottish Isles contacted Seafarer Support regarding an ex-seafarer who was feeling very isolated and unable to get out of his house without help. Seafarer Support were able to offer the support of an organisation that provides a telephone befriending service for ex-seafarers in their own homes.

• Seafarer Support was contacted by an ex-Able Seaman living in rented accommodation without heating carpets, or a washing machine. He was also desperate to visit his elderly Mother living the other end of the country but was worried about having enough money for petrol and leaving his dog behind whilst he visited. Seafarer Support put him in touch with an organisation that checked he was receiving all the benefits he was entitled to. We also arranged with one of our accommodation providers for the gentleman to stay with them whilst he visited his Mum and they also helped out with some of his travel expenses. We were even able to help with arranging someone to look after his dog!